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From Corporate America to a Colorful Canvas. Stacey Duster, owner and self-taught professional artist, is one who truly embarked on a transformative journey from the structured world of Corporate America to the vibrant realm of painting and teaching, along with self-discovery, courage, and the pursuit of her true passion.

Stacey took a leap of faith and left corporate America. Little did she know a serendipitous encounter with a paintbrush and canvas would soon ignite a spark within her. She felt an unexplainable connection to the world of art, an untapped wellspring of creativity.

Embracing the unknown, driven by a newfound passion, and with the encouragement of her soulmate, Michael, she made the decision to follow her passion and plunge into the world of art, trusting that her determination and talent would guide her through.

She immersed herself in You Tube tutorials, on-line courses and workshops. She experimented with various artistic mediums, acrylics (her favorite), gouache, watercolors, and all sorts of mixed media. As she learned what excited her the most, her skills began to emerge pretty quickly. She was captivated by bright colors and color mixing.

Stacey soon became a professional artist and realized that her true calling extended beyond her own creative pursuits. She felt an overwhelming desire to share her experiences and what she had learned with others.

Her new found passion for art became the driving force behind her newly established business "SoCal Paint Parties", a business where she could empower others to discover their own creative self.

Stacey's journey into the realm of art is a testament to the human spirit's capacity for reinvention and self-discovery. It is her hope to inspire countless others to embark on their own artistic journey, whatever that may be.

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